The project reached financial close in January 2014.

It is up to all employees in their day-to-day behavior, in the way they do their jobs, and in their business dealings with others to apply Shamal Az-Zour Al-Oula’s values and ethical principles.

This update shows how Shamal Az-Zour Al-Oula utilized the construction period to recruit and train Kuwaitis for the operational phase, After the project completion date Shamal Az-Zour has continued to increase the number of Kuwaitis within the company.

It is highlighted that a core achievement of Shamal Az-Zour has been to recruit young Kuwaitis, who can be trained for the specific roles associated with this type of privately owned IWPP. It is also an objective of the company to encourage Kuwaiti staff to remain with the company for longer term and to progress within the organization over time.